Keeping YLT running costs about $28,000 each month. While our ticket sales generate about half of our income, the rest must come from other sources. Of course, our volunteers conduct a variety of special events to supplement our revenue - the York Fair Steak Sandwich Stand and musical reviews to name a couple.

So, how can you help?

First, you can buy a membership. For $40 a year, or $15 for teenagers, you can become a member of YLT. The dues are applied to theatre expenses, and you'll earn member benefits and have voting privileges during our annual membership meeting. However, there are several other ways you can help YLT. And THANK YOU!

YLT is approved to accept EITC credits for Educational Improvement Programs.

Donations - Give Now
Business Support - Sponsorships and Ads (click here for more info)
Planned Gifts

You can send a gift directly to YLT: York Little Theatre, 27 S. Belmont Street, York, PA 17403. Please call the office at (717) 854-3894 to learn more about sponsoring a show or advertising, or to get answers about Planned Giving.