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York Little Theatre is proud to introduce The Belmont Academy,
our new educational component.

The mission of YLT’s Belmont Academy is to provide a well rounded education in the area of the performing arts.  Classes will incorporate and instruct many diverse genres, as well as facilitate each student’s self discovery of his/her own artistic gifts, enriching themselves, their community and society at large.

These classes will provide instruction of the highest quality, with highly acclaimed professional instructors on staff.  Each student’s skills will not only be discovered, but professionally developed as well.

For more information and to enroll, contact YLT at (717) 854-3894

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Theatre Dance
Your child will learn the fundamental dance skills they need to be successful in Musical Theatre with this fun and focused class taught by EMC Performing Arts Studio's Rachel Cyr. Dancers will study basic movements, patterns, and techniques commonly used by choreographers. Find out helpful hints for picking up choreography and auditioning etiquette. Dancers will develop a combination week to week culminating in a informal performance on the last day of class.
Instructor: Rachel Cyr
September 24 - November 12
Time:  Wednesdays, 6:00-7:00 PM (ages 7-10)
7:00-8:00 PM (ages 11 and up)

Students will receive formal vocal training that will make them able to perform music of almost any genre.  They will also learn how to protect their voices from overuse, illnesses, etc.  Singers will receive a thorough technical training that will increase their chances in auditions.  Music reading skills will help them with sight singing, which is included in many different audition settings.  Singers will learn in a safe environment where the teachers will focus on hard work.  The student will also learn to enjoy the process of working hard and seeing the results.

Classes will be available as private lessons, offered as 30 minute or 60 minute lessons depending on the singer’s age and abilities.  One half of the vocal lesson time will be devoted to technique which will build a strong foundation for the singer.  The second half of the lesson will focus on songs for performance.  Students will learn repertoire that they are interested in and the teacher will also recommend songs.  All students will work toward performance of the songs that they are learning. 
Instructor: Bethany Corley
Cost:  $30/hour  $20/ ½  hour
Time:  Arranged with teacher

Keep your 'cold-read' skills sharp!  Our local and regional market are jam-packed with this type of work and it's busier than ever.  Be sure to keep your skills competitive. Participants will work with commercial and industrial pieces on-camera.  Scripts will be hand selected for each participant based on their level and marketability.  Participants will learn from valuable playback and critique. Tricks of top bookers and avoiding on-camera bad habits will be a highlight of this workshop.

Instructor: Ann Gillette
Cost: $45
Saturday, August 23
Class time is 10am-12pm

This Commercial Workshop is part of the workshop series done once a month at York Little Theatre. Each month we will alternate between a Commercial Workshop and a Scene Class for TV and Film.  Every time you come your skills will be pushed to the next level.

PRIVATE COACHING:  If you prefer one-on-one coaching...there are two 1-hour slots available that afternoon at 12:15 and 1:15.  A private coaching session may include any of the following: cold read coaching for commercial, cold read scene work, monologue, career guidance. 

Private coaching sessions are $75.
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Youth Art Class
In weekly classes, students, ages 4-14, work in a variety of media, including charcoal, pastel, graphite, watercolor, and acrylics. They learn the use of proper shape and proportion along with compositional skills and are encouraged to explore color, style, and individual expression. As students advance, they learn how to compose and begin a painting, mix colors, use brushes and discover the creative and technical versatility of acrylic painting. They experiment with acrylic techniques as well as composition, color mixing and layering, color harmony, design and brush technique.
Our program encourages individual expression while teaching new skills, ideas and techniques. Materials, concepts, and techniques are carefully selected according to the student’s age and ability.
Instructors: New Freedom Art Instructors
Cost: $45/month

Mondays & Thursdays 5-6p.m and 6-7p.m.
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Mail your check to YLT at 27 S. Belmont Street York PA 17403
or call 854-3894 to register with a credit card.